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 Dolls .

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PostSubject: Dolls .    Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:42 pm



Dolls often look a bit childish. Their eyes can have unnatural colours but often they are a bit dull and . . . well, doll-like. Their hands are longer than those of any other species. They are about ¼ longer than an average humans hand. Also the dolls are a slender species. They might not look like they would make good fighters or protectors. They might even look a bit weak, but that does not mean that they aren’t able to learn how to fight. Each dolls appearance is a result of their owners’ conscious and subconscious fantasies. These can be of sexual nature, but don’t have to be. That’s why a straight person can receive a doll of the same sex and yet they never wish to be in a relationship of that sort with their doll. It’s also entirely possible that someone receives a doll which represents their fantasies on how their dream-girl/boyfriend should be. he conscious and subconscious wishes about the dolls appearance are analysed by the person’s handwriting. This is a special ability of the doll king and queen.

Strengths and weaknesses:

Even though all dolls are able to sense their masters’ wishes, even the subconscious ones, things aren’t that easy between a doll and its master. All dolls are mute, but they are able to write. A doll is not able to survive without its’ master. If the master dies, the dolls will inevitably try to commit suicide. Therefore the dolls are made only a few days before their master is supposed to pick them up. It hasn’t always been like this, but a few hundred years ago the king and the queen who ruled at the time had to make this decision. Too many dolls had committed suicide or went insane because they couldn’t take the feeling of not being able to see their master. Dolls usually trust their masters immediately, which can be seen as a strength and a weakness. They will do anything in their power to make their masters happy, which means they are easy to manipulate. But they are also usually very protective and often a doll would rather die than letting its’ master get hurt in any way. Of course the bond with their master grows stronger as time goes on.


Nobody knows where the first doll really came from but according to many tales and legends it was because of one Rahuri, who was able to give live to dolls. Some say he only gave live to one doll and later they formed the bond that Rahuri and Dolls have today, others say he still lives somewhere in an unknown region and creates dolls. Children are told that that he grants them wishes, but only if they are nice. He punishes the naughty children by making them into dolls, which he collects on a shelf. These dolls are never brought to live, these fairytales say. The dolls have been around for over a millennium. In fact it has been 1341 years since the first scrolls about them have been found. Only a few hundred years ago there was an unexpected gap between the death of the old doll king and queen and the time the new king and queen took over. This gap was almost 150 years long, which is why the dolls soon became largely forgotten. They regain their popularity very slowly and still some Rahuri thing the dolls are a myth. Also nobody who doesn’t own a doll (or is about to get one) is supposed to know where the dolls live.
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Dolls .
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