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 Songs for the role play

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PostSubject: Songs for the role play   Wed Sep 15, 2010 2:41 am

These songs were created for this rpg and only this rpg unless stated otherwise. They were not planned before and made up randomly when needed.

This specific song was made for the shounen-ai thread. It reminded Takeo of his friend who had died about a year ago. (See shounen ai thread page 1)

RIP Emily

Rest in peace Emily
You never left my side
Though they say you‘re gone
I would never cry
Because you are still here
In my memories

Looking at the photographs
Just to see your smile
Softly pictured in sepia
As a moment went by

Rest in peace Emily
And watch the snow fall
Quiet steps in the snow
On a winter day.
I remeber your words
Everything will be okay


Rest in Peace Emily,
Maybe watch over me
I‘d never forgett you
Because in all those years
The only thing I could never say
Were three dreadful words

Three words we all know, three words you‘ll never hear, three words that never came across my lips. Rest in peace Emily, rest in peace forever. Rest in peace Emily, one day we‘ll meet again.
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Songs for the role play
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