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 Rpg-rules .

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PostSubject: Rpg-rules .   Tue Dec 22, 2009 5:15 pm

★ No powergaming, please!

★ No Mary-Sues/Gary-stus. Come on! Playing a flawless character is boring for you and the other players.

★ You can't kill other characters without the permission of their players.

★ Read the rules and at least the important informations (They will be marked as impotant, the other informations is for anyone who would like to know more about the world itself.)

★ Try to avoid bad grammar. It's okay if there are only a few mistakes, but you should try to avoid them. I'll probably make some mistakes myself, mainly because english isn't my native tounge but i'll do my best.

★ You can only play your own character. You are not allowed to control npc's, or other characters. Also you can't decid what the eviroment looks like, especially if I or one of the mods have already described it.

★ You can have up to 3 characters.

★ If you want to ask something, don't by shy and just ask, the same goes for criticism.
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Rpg-rules .
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