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 Religion .

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PostSubject: Religion .   Fri Dec 25, 2009 5:57 am


š~ Everyone (except people who will die before they reach the age of 18) has a Soul-mate.

š~ Most people meet their soul-mate for the first time between the age of 5 and 18, there are very few exceptions.

š~ There are 2 worlds: the world of the living and the world of the dead.

š~ Also the soul-mates are separated, one lives in the world of the dead and one lives in the world of the living.

š~ The one who lives in the world of the dead can visit his/her soul-mate in the world of the living, but not the other way around. Also the ‘dead’ one can’t transform into a physical being in the world of the living.

š~ The ‘dead’ soul-mate regains the memories of watching over his/her soul-mate in their past-lives/deaths, but he/she can never remember his/her passed lives in the world of the living. (That’s why many people ask their soul-mate for some advice, because they have most likely been in situations like this in at least one of their lives.)

š~ As soon as the ‘living’ one dies, the one who lived in the world of the dead is born in the world of the living, even if they never met.

š ~Humans are always reborn as humans, even though their sex isn’t always the same.

š ~The environment/surroundings influence their personalities, but some parts of their personalities never change, that’s why the soul-mates get better on in some lives then in others.

š ~ Usually the soul-mates are quite close to each other, they will like and understand each other even though it can vary how much they like and understand each other. There’s never been a case where two soul-mates really hated each other. Many people love their soul-mate in a platonic way, but some develop romantic feelings for them. People look at romance between two soul-mates as something abnormal. Very few believe that their love is anything but tragic because one of them isn’t even a physical being, they can’t even hug or kiss or do other things that most couples would do.

š~ Nobody knows if animals are reborn.
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Religion .
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